Girl Notices Old Dog At The Shelter And Walks Out To A Crowd Waiting For Her

“When you’ve been forgotten, it’s good to know there’s someone who cares.”

Emmy’s Hope was started by a young girl who had a dream to help shelter dogs find forever homes.

And Kleenex stepped in to help make this become a reality by finding loving owners for her furry friends.

The only thing is, they didn’t tell Emmy — it was a complete surprise to her!

Emmy showed up to the shelter where she’d visit Fox, the senior dog she had as her top priority to get adopted. And much to her surprise, she saw that Fox had found a family!

She was so happy. But little did she know there was also a crowd waiting outside ready to give the other shelter dogs homes! Nope, Kleenex didn’t just stop at one dog… 🙂

By the end of the day, they were able to find forever homes for over 40 dogs in Emmy’s honor. How amazing!

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