Emotional moment as dog missing for three years reunites with late owner’s sister

Thanks to microchips, lost dogs are able to reunite with their families even after being missing for years.

When one long-lost dog was recently found on the streets, it led to an especially emotional reunion, as the dog’s owner had passed away.

According to a Facebook post from Whiskers, Tails & Scales Transport, a dog named Bentley was found as a stray in Philadelphia after being missing for 3.5 years, and was taken in by ACCT Philly.

Bentley had somehow made it to Philadelphia all the way from his original home in Memphis, Tennessee. According to the post, he originally went missing after his owner’s sister Dee fell on the sidewalk while walking him.

In the years since, Bentley’s owner sadly passed away. But Dee never stopped looking for the lost dog… and recently got the incredible news that he had finally been found.

“When we told her Bentley was in Philadelphia, she was overjoyed and filled with emotions,” ACCT Philly said in a Facebook post.

For Dee, it meant not only reuniting with the long-lost pet, but getting part of her late sister back, too: “She wanted to reclaim Bentley as he is all she has left of her sister,” ACCT Philly wrote.

Because of the long distance, ACCT Philly teamed up with Whiskers, Tails & Scales Transport to finally get Bentley back to his family.

Dee was overjoyed to reunite with Bentley, and the transport company described it as a “bittersweet moment” and “one of our most memorable transports.”

In an update, they said that Dee and Bentley are “doing great,” and that Dee’s supervisor is allowing her to bring the dog to work with her.

“Bentley is on the job today and she has a little area set up just for him but he likes laying right at her feet,” they wrote.

They also said that Bentley is deaf, but can go off of vibrations and understands basic sign language commands.

What a beautiful reunion. It’s heartbreaking that Bentley never got to see his late owner again, but we’re glad he finally made it home to bring such joy and comfort to the family 💔❤️

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