Dog Food Company Issues Recall After Deadly Drug Is Found In Their Products

No one knows how this happened, but all necessary precautions are being taken. Phenobarbital, the drug used to euthanize dogs, has been found in Evanger's Hunk Of Beef dog food.

So far, five dogs have gotten sick and one has died. Though the contamination was limited to one lot number, the company decided to recall all cans packed that same week as a precaution against further tragedy.

They've issued a voluntary recall of all lot numbers starting with 1816E03HB, 1816E04HB, 1816E06HB, 1816E07HB, and 1816E13HB, and have a June 2020 expiration date. A total of 15 states sold the potentially contaminated products on store shelves and are affected by this recall, including Washington, California, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, Maryland, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. The recall also extends to any customers who may have ordered the food online.

In a press release on Evanger's website, they tried answering the question on everyone's mind; how could such a thing happen?

We feel that we have been let down by our supplier, and in reference to the possible presence of pentobarbital, we have let down our customers.

Despite having a relationship for forty years with the supplier of this specific beef, who also services many other pet food companies, we have terminated our relationship with them and will no longer purchase their beef for use in our Hunk of Beef product.

As Hunk of Beef is a very unique product, requiring very specific cuts of meat, this supplier’s meat was used in no other products.

Evanger's is paying for any vet bills that resulted from their contaminated product and will be making a donation to a local pet shelter in honor of the Talula, the little pug that died.

Vets are urging dog owners to take this recall very seriously. Check your cupboards.

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