Adopted Family Dog Saves Dying Baby

A rescue dog was being called a hero after saving the life of a Portland, Conn., family's infant daughter.

The Brousseau family had already gone to bed on Sunday night when their dog, Duke, who was adopted nearly six years ago, jumped on their bed and began shaking uncontrollably.

Duke's behavior immediately woke the couple up. Duke had never acted like this before, according to the Brousseaus, so they knew something had to be wrong.

When they went into their 9-week-old daughter Harper's room to check on her, she wasn't breathing. Jenna's husband immediately called an ambulance.

Baby Harper was then revived by paramedics, and taken to the hospital.

“If Duke hadn't been so scared, we would have just gone to sleep,” Jenna Brousseau said of her heroic dog.

She added, “He's the perfect dog, he was meant, meant to be ours.”

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