Family Finds Strange Dog Barking Outside Door, Reason Why Will Melt Your Heart

Tommy the dog lived with his family in Illinois for most of his life, until recently when the Termolens moved to a neighborhood in upstate New York.

One day, Jenny Termolen was out running errands and got a text from her son saying that a shaggy dog had suddenly appeared inside their house.

After reading the dog's collar, they discovered that his name was Jackson, and he lived a few blocks away.

Now, this is what the Termolens see almost every day:

Photo: Jenna Termolen

“Usually when he comes for a visit, he stops by the front door first and gives one or two polite barks,” Termolen said.

“If no one answers the front door, he will either try to go through the garage if it is open or go around through the backyard to the back deck, and will give barks at each door. I usually just let him in the house or let Tommy out.”

Photo: Jenna Termolen

Jackson is around 5 years old, and Tommy is 16, but despite the age difference, the pair are still the best of friends.

“They have a nice, sweet friendship,” Termolen said. “It will be heartbreaking when it is over. I am not sure I will able to maintain composure when Jackson visits and Tommy is no longer here to greet him.”

Photo: Jenna Termolen

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