Family Found Their Dog Luna In Pain – Along With A Plastic Wrapper

Beware of what your dog may ingest!

We love our dogs, and we share anything we eat with them nowadays. It could range from hamburgers to many others such as hot dogs, steaks and even mashed potatoes.

Some dogs even enjoy the salads you love! However, such dietary habits are not recommended if you want to keep your dog truly healthy and safe from illness. Whole, unprocessed foods actually work best for our canine counterparts.

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Most fruits with their seeds and cores removed are OK in moderation. Unfortunately, most canned, wrapped and tinned human consumables aren’t.

Did you know that store bought peanut butter brands are also also toxic to dogs? Aside from hydrogenated oils, some brands sweeten their products with xylitol instead of cane sugar – and this was deadly to a pup named Luna.

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They left their Golden Retriever named Luna, alone in their house while they were out running errands. They had placed great trust in Luna, and she never breached it. They also had their premises dog-proofed, with anything physically dangerous kept out of her reach. Luna was a well-behaved pooch.

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But Luna got hungry, so she wandered around, looking for something to eat. Luna happened to spot a container of Ice Breakers lemon-flavored chewing gum. While eating regular gum isn’t bad enough, this sugar-free gum actually contained an ingredient named xylitol, a man-made artificial sweetener alternative.

Luna’s family were alarmed when they discovered the Ice Breakers gum wrapper. After ingesting a couple of gum cubes, Luna became very sick. By the time her family returned home, it was too late for Luna – she was experiencing severe pain.

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They raced her to a nearby animal clinic, where they started to describe Luna’s situation to the vet. As soon as the vet heard their story, he check the gum’s ingredients label. He spotted one main ingredient – Xylitol, a dangerous killing substance which causes liver damage that is most often irreversible.

The sad news was that xylitol causes a very long and painful death in our pets. Luna’s family were told the worst possible news – they had to humanely euthanize her to ease her suffering.

Watch the news report below:

Dog owners, please do take great care to keep our canines safe from toxic substances – doing so may save their lives! …and SHARE this with your friends and family!

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