Family Saves Their Dog From Coyote’s Jaws At The Very Last Minute

The following story shows how a couple managed to scare away a coyote and save the puppy with one trick they learned while living in ‘Coyote Country’.

Dog owners who live in areas where coyotes are common tend to learn how to get away with them fairly quickly through careful acts and experience.

Chico the Chihuahua is surprisingly alive and well after escaping from the clutches of a coyote while being recorded on camera. The full incident was recorded on home surveillance camera footage.

At 11 am, a cheeky adult coyote walked into the backyard of Chatsworth, where Kerry and Larry Ruiz live. In a matter of seconds, the coyote was about to eat the unfortunate Chihuahua.

When their dog was under a critical situation, the owners said while watching the surveillance video, “He took Chico! Oh my God! A coyote just caught Chico! Kerry saw him fall from the kitchen window.

Kerry, hysterical in fear, screamed in the bedroom so her husband Larry and their son started running across the yard, but by then the coyote jumped over the brick wall into the yard of a neighbour’s yard, and only then did Kerry remember that she had a portable air horn.

Larry started putting them around the house a few years ago. “One for each door,”

Larry said. “Because we know we are close. We know this is the land of the coyote.” The couple succeeded to scare away the coyote. Paralyzed by the sound, the coyote decided to leave Chico and run away.

The puppy only received minor stab wounds and broken ribs. After a visit to the vet and having an annoying plastic cone on his head, the dog recovered beautifully in a matter of weeks. Ruiz said here’s a lesson for all pet owners.

This is very simple. “Never, never, never leave animals without attention,” said Kerry. “Coyotes hunt 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,” says Larry.

They don’t blame the coyotes. They said they were just wild animals looking for food. But they say pet owners should be wise about it.

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