Family Dumped Their “Ugly” Dog, And Doctors Transformed Him With ‘Life-Altering’ Surgery

It might be an uncomfortable truth, but for many pet-lovers, superficial beauty of their pets supersede their love for them.

This is the story of a dog called Bjarni, who was found in the streets of Huntsville with a disfigured face.

This dog seemed to have gone through an awfully painful past.

Facebook/St. Francis’ Angels

Bjarni only had half a nose and many bite scars, likely from an attack by another animal. He had mites and crooked teeth and was struggling to eat and breathe.

When his owners were tracked down, they refused to take him back, even when they were told of the possibility of him being euthanized.

St. Francis’ Angels co-founder Anne Graber was heart-broken at his devastating condition. She took him to their shelter and. . . >>Click To Continue Reading This Story AND The Happy Ending!

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