Family’s Taking A Walk When A Feral Kitten Decides To Follow The Dog Home

The Nienaber family takes daily walks through their Cleveland neighborhood where a large quantity of feral cats roam the streets. So when they’re out and about with their Basset Hound, it’s not unusual to spot some homeless cats. But one day, a tiny kitten decided to follow them home!

Jon Nienaber was walking the dog when the kitty came out of nowhere, and his wife, Leslie, was able to record it. It kept tagging along and made itself at home! They fell in love with the little thing but couldn’t take in any more pets, but they couldn’t leave the kitten behind.

Thankfully, Leslie’s sister, Sarah, was able to take the cat in! Little Pinot was cleaned, fed, and taken to a vet for a checkup. The kitten now had a permanent home! The Nienabers would continue to visit Little Pinot as he grew up under Sarah’s care. The feral cat found a forever home just by taking a chance one day and chasing his dreams. 🙂

Photo credits: Leslie Nienaber
h/t LoveMeow

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