Stray Dog Had Lived On The Streets For Months, Then A Coyote Showed Up

Hope For Paws received a call for help on their emergency line, and Eldad set out to rescue a stray who’d spent many months living on the streets alone. He had to approach slowly, or the dog would run away.

Eldad had to switch the gentle snare to a “snappy” mode to catch the skittish pup, and the few moments of stress would be worth the life to come.

Eldad named the dog Fasby, and they headed off to the hospital to get the good boy a bath and checkup. It wasn’t long before Fasby continued on to a foster home with The Little Red Dog, and shortly after that he found a forever home!

And that’s where the story gets really crazy. About a month after being adopted by Marilyn, Fasby (now named Buffy), was on a walk with his mom when a coyote came out of nowhere.

Buffy got out of his collar and went after the coyote. The story is told in Marilyn’s own words at about the halfway mark of the video, and it’s simply unbelievable.

Be sure to check it out!

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