‘Fastest Wiener in the West’ Beats 100 Dogs on Race Course with His Quick Feet

Meet the Fastest Wiener Dog in the West, Beenie Von Weenie! Beenie was just one of the 104 dachshunds who competed in this year’s Wienerschnitzel Wiener Nationals at the Los Alamitos Race Course. Spectators usually come to the track to watch horses race, but on this special night the track literally goes to the dogs.

With the stands packed with fans, the dogs ran for the title of “Fastest Wiener In the West.” Many of the dogs wandered off the course or stopped in their tracks to smell their surroundings. But not Beenie Von Weenie. He completed the 50-yard dash in just 6.8 seconds!

“I have the winner, Beenie Von Weenie!” owner Nicolee Leonard exclaimed to ABC7 afterwards. “I’ve been coming every year. And he nailed it. He won a doghouse and $1,000. And the title, ‘The Fastest Wienie of the West!'”

The event also raises money for the homeless animals in need at the Seal Beach Animal Care Center.

Fans love watching the short-legged dogs run a series of trial heats until the final race is run. Watch some of the highlights in the video below.

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