Service Dog Brutally Beaten Up By Robbers, Elderly Owners Forced To Euthanize Her

91-year-old WWII Navy veteran George, and 77-year-old retired nurse, Peggy Lawson were outside when their alarm went off. By the time they reached home, their house had been ransacked, but it was the heartbreaking state of Fefe, their 12-year-old Poodle, that brought them to tears.

Source: ABC7/YouTube

Fefe was bleeding from the head and mouth, yet she tried to greet her parents. The nine-pound Fefe had been violently beaten by the robbers. She had been blinded from being whipped by a pistol, and had a punctured lung, broken ribs, and heavy internal bleeding.

Fefe was a calm therapy dog, so she was hardly a threat to the burglars. The attack seemed unnecessary, and just out of spite. Fefe was transferred to the trauma unit, and was in acute pain.

Source: ABC7/YouTube

There, the elderly couple was told that Fefe did not have any chances of surviving as she was in an irrecoverable state, so she had to be put out of her misery. After having to euthanize their beloved dog, the couple is inconsolable, and want the attackers to be caught.

Source: ABC7/YouTube

The burglars had stolen emergency cash, gun and personal papers, but what they did to poor Fefe is simply unforgivable. We hope these inhuman culprits are caught soon. Our hearts go out to the devastated couple and Fefe. Rest in peace, sweet Fefe.

Check out the video below to watch the report and the grieving couple talk about their beloved Fefe.

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