Firefighters crawl across thin ice to rescue trapped deer

Firefighters crawl across thin ice to rescue trapped deer

It’s a firefighter’s duty to help those in their community when they need saving — whether they be human or animal.

Recently, one fire crew came to the rescue of a deer who was struggling on thin ice.

Last week, the Prior Lake Fire Department, in Prior Lake, Minnesota, received a call about a deer who was stuck on Pike Lake, “struggling get off of the thin ice,” according to a post by the city government.


The firefighters arrived on the scene, geared up and headed out onto the ice — moving carefully as to not fall through into the freezing water.

They crawled across the thin ice on their hands and knees, with a safety rope attached at the shore.


Thankfully, they were able to safely reach the deer — and pushed the scared animal back towards the safety of solid land.

Officials told CBS News that the deer took a moment to rest before retreating into the reeds. “The buck made it through [deer hunting season], here’s hoping he makes it through this as well,” city officials said.

Prior Lake Fire Chief Rick Steinhaus warned that the ice is very dangerous during this time of year. “The smaller ponds, the shallow water is getting ice covered, but it’s very dangerous, very thin and uneven freezing, so we don’t want anyone out there at all,” he told CBS News.

It’s very possible the deer could’ve fallen through and been in real trouble, but thankfully the firefighters saved the day. Many people commented on the video praising their heroic actions.

Thank you to these firefighters for braving the thin ice to rescue this deer! Please share this inspiring story if you love animals! ❤️🦌

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