Friendly Fawn Wanders Away From Her Family To Play With Dog In Backyard

One family in West Chester, Pennsylvania, was in for a real surprise when they spotted their dog playing with a new friend.

The dog, named Sally, went outside to go to the bathroom, and ended up making friends with a young deer who wandered onto their property. They played together for a few minutes, while Sally’s owner, Stephanie Capodanno, captured the moment on video.

Sally and the fawn were playfully circling each other, wagging their tails with excitement.

Stephanie Capodanno/Facebook

After playtime was over, the fawn ran off into the woods behind their home, most likely to reunite with her family.

Capodanno says there have been many deer that come onto their property, but none have ever gotten this close, and certainly have never played with Sally before.

Sally fell in love with the baby deer and has been looking for her ever since.

Watch this adorable unlikely duo play together in the video here:

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