Clever Dog Dupes Animal Hospital Security, Plans The Most Ridiculous Kennel Escape

General, a 10-year-old Great Pyrenees, had to stay at the Aquia-Garrisonville Animal Hospital while his family of eight was out on a vacation.

But soon, things got worse for him as the poor dog started missing his parents and his six human siblings.

Source: Inside Edition/YouTube

One night, General decided that he had had enough of the lonely kennel stay. In this surveillance video, we see how General sneakily planned his escape through the guarded facility!

The gritty dog skillfully used his nose and mouth to open 4 different doors of the facility, and eventually made a clean escape.

When the staff found the dog missing, they immediately contacted General’s family and asked the local animal control officers and sheriff deputies for help.

After a 15-hour search, General was found napping away in a family’s yard, completely oblivious to the trouble he had caused!

Source: Inside Edition/YouTube

General’s family was relieved to have found their beloved pooch. They were impressed by his “jailbreak”, with Dad even considering him to be a “Little Houdini” when it comes to opening doors.

After watching his outrageous escape video, we’ll have to agree on that! What a smart boy!

Click the video below to watch how General escaped the facility in the middle of the night!

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