German Shepherd Is Hungry. What He Does To Tell The Human To Feed Him More Food Is Hilarious!

Apollo, a German Shepherd, just ate some food, but he is still hungry. Unfortunately, dogs can not talk, so Apollo does not have a way to verbally inform his owner that he wants more food. What he does instead is absolutely hilarious.

In the video to follow, Apollo sits in front of dog bowl and stares at his owner with the cutest puppy eyes. When the owner does not understand what Apollo wants, the dog immediately slaps his bowl to ask for more food.

His owner responds, “Can I help you with something”

Apollo then tries to take matters into his hands. He heads over to the pantry and beckons his owner towards it. Then, when his owner opens the door, the pooch looks directly at the dog food. The man then asks if Apollo is hungry, Apollo immediately barks.

He heads back over to his bowl and waits for the food to come. Unfortunately, its mid-day and Apollo just ate… Nice try though, Apollo. You almost tricked your owner!

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