German Shepherd Learns How To Get Into Pool All By Himself And Goes For Secret Swim

Elliot the German Shepard/husky mix had always loved the water. So his owners bought an above ground pool for him to play in. But he was so keen to swim, he couldn’t wait for his owners to help him in.

Some dogs love water. Others hate it. Elliot definitely loves a good swim. In fact, he wants to spend most of his day paddling around.

Elliot’s owners could tell that their trips to the beach/dog park weren’t enough for him. He needed access to water much more often. So they ordered an above ground pool, especially for the dog. (Also, they wanted an excuse to spend so much money on a pool, let’s face it.)

The day that the pool arrived, Elliot was overjoyed.

At first, of course, he didn’t understand just what it was. But when he saw his owners filling it with water, he finally realized. He could go for a swim every day!

The pool arrived during the coronavirus lockdown, so the dog’s owners had plenty of time to play with him.

Every morning, Elliot would wake them up early, begging to be able to play in the pool.

So for the first few weeks, Elliot and his owners would spend hours in the yard, paddling in the pool and relaxing.
But then one morning, the owners wanted to lie in bed late.

So they let Elliot out into the yard on his own and apologized about not being able to play in the pool. Little did they know that Elliot had every intention of going for a swim, with or without his owners.

A little later, the owners heard Elliot stumbling. They rushed to the window and were amazed at what they saw.


Elliot climbed up onto the pool steps with his front legs. Then with his hind legs, he moved onto the lower steps.

The dog was struggling to balance on the steps, but he was determined and continued making his way up.


Finally, Elliot reached the top of the steps. He could see the water at last. All he had to do was navigate the top of the pool.

With a big dive, Elliot managed to get into the water. His owners laughed out loud. They were amazed at their dog’s ingenuity.


Soon, Elliot was swimming in laps all around the pool.

A short while later, Elliot climbed out of the pool.


When he was firmly back on solid ground, he gave a big shake. Clearly, he was happy to have got his morning paddle, even without his owners being present.

Luckily, one of Elliot’s owners was filming the moment when the dog learned to use the steps. The footage then appeared on YouTube, where it has made many people happy.

In a couple of months, the video has gained over 165,000 views. It also has more than 250 likes and a range of positive comments. People have been saying things like this:

Elliot sure is a smart and independent dog. He loves his owners for getting him a pool. He’s sure to use it whenever he’s out in the yard.

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