German Shepherd Sings Along With His Owner’s ‘Singing Habit’ In The Bathroom

Go ahead… admit it. When you’re in the shower, you turn into the best singer in the world, capable of reaching notes that would make opera singers weep with joy.

Most people feel the same way. So does the guy in this video… his German Shepherd, however, does not agree. Meet Maximus, a lovable dog who likes to hang out in the bathroom while his owner showers.

He proves how truly loyal he is to his owner by lying there and not running for the hills despite his owner’s not-so-great singing. How do we know he doesn’t like it? Just watch his reaction! 🙂

Of course, it didn’t take long for this outspoken Alsatian’s owner to notice that Maximus had a funny reaction to his singing, so he decided to set up a camera and share the awesome experience with all of us. 

So, he began singing “Trolololo” by Eduard Khil… which, in case you haven’t heard, is quite possibly among the top 10 greatest shower songs ever.

While this breed was created to herd other animals, it appears that they also have a refined taste in music.

When they’re not around terrible singers and when they get regular exercise, German Shepherds can make great pets.

They’re also known for their intelligence and instincts… so if one of them begs you to stop singing, you might want to listen!

Maximus instantly starts pleading for the torture to stop (or is he correcting his singing?).

We can’t blame him; the ears are one of the most sensitive areas of a dogs’ body. We would beg for it to end as well.

Maybe this German Shepherd was a singer in a past life.

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