Giant Schnauzer LOVES His Mud Bath! Owner’s Reaction? Hilarious!

Has anybody ever wondered why dogs love playing in mud? Is it because it's messy and wet? …and soft and cushy?

Or is it because they like seeing their owner's faces distort into different shapes when they play in the mud? Or is there some other reason we're missing out on?

Well, some dogs might do it out of boredom and frustration; by playing in mud it might keep them entertained. Think about little kids. Many little kids also like to play in mud, or sand. Dogs are really just like young children.

Or maybe, dogs use mud to help them to cool down. Since mud can stay on them longer than just water, it not only continuously absorb heat from dog's body directly, but the mud can also block sunlight.

Think about elephant, and rhinos. They roll in mud all the time, but of course they also use the mud to protect themselves from insect bites!

Whatever the case maybe, there's no question that this dog LOVES playing in mud!

Otto, the Giant Schnauzer LOVES mud. He rolls and burrows in it with so much delight you might mistake him for a pig. What his human says to him while watching Otto get more and more muddy? Hilarious!

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