Couple Who Adopts A Tiny Shelter Puppy Realizes They’ve Brought Home Something Else Entirely

What your husband doesn’t know can’t hurt him, right? Well, that was one woman’s mentality when she decided to tell a little white lie to ensure that her husband would let her bring a puppy home.

Sue Markham told her husband, Robert, that the little dog she was bringing home with her would grow up to be a small Jack Russell terrier.

This was very far from the truth, however. The little pup ended up turning into something very different… And very, very big.

Meet Yogi, or Bear, as his family and friends call him. When Yogi was a pup, he was the tiny thing you see before you. Sue told her husband that they would be taking a “terrier” home. Since Robert wasn’t keen on having a big dog in the house, this would be just fine.


Fast forward nine years and what the Markhams have isn’t a little terrier, he’s really a much bigger breed… Yogi is a full-sized Boston great dane! These dogs are considerably larger than a Jack Russell terrier — much larger…

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On average they weigh just about 135 lbs, and terriers only weigh 14-18. Though he was shocked at first, Robert said he fell in love with Yogi and could not be upset with Sue’s little fib. Just look at that precious, humongous face.

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Despite their average of 135 lbs, Yogi is approximately 200 pounds. That’s 65 lbs heavier than normal! Not to mention, he is also a staggering 6’1″ long, from nose to tail. That practically qualifies him to be a center in the NBA!

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Susan said in an interview, “I thought, ‘How much trouble can a Jack Russell be?’ By the time he was five months old, he was bigger than any Jack Russell he came across at the park and he had this big tongue that lolled out of his mouth and a tail like a baseball bat.”

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