Man’s Adopted Golden Retriever Takes Post And Watches Him Sleep Every Night

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Our dogs aren’t just pets — they’re intelligent beings and true members of our family. And for one man, he learned an important yet heartbreaking lesson concerning animal intelligence when it comes to their relationships with humans.
Source: Terrifive/YouTube

The Chinese man adopted a Golden Retriever from the shelter who’d previously been abandoned and realized shortly after that the dog was watching him sleep at night. At first he thought it was just because of the new environment and surroundings and hoped the strange behavior would go away on its own.

Source: Terrifive/YouTube

But the pattern repeated night after night, and the man became a bit confused and little concerned. That’s when he decided to dig into the dog’s past and learn about his history. And then he came across the heartbreaking truth — the dog’s previous owner had waited for him to fall asleep one night to quietly drop him off and abandon him at the shelter.

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