Good Dogs Wait Patiently For Their Names To Be Called

Dog lovers will tell you that training your dogs can be one of the most challenging parts of ownership. But when it works, you can have a well-trained hound like the ones in this video.

Just be ready, because these dogs are too cute!


Wait your turn

The video opens on a warm sunny day. A woman, we can assume an animal trainer, is standing and watching a large group of dogs. The dogs are kept behind a chain link fence with the gate wide open. But something extraordinary is happening.


The dogs are remaining still. No one is rushing out of the gate to play. None of the dogs are even distracted by the camera capturing the moment.


But then, the trainer calls out “Ginger!” and one of the dogs leaves the others to pass the open gate.


Caption text explains that the pets are waiting patiently for their names to be called. That means these dogs recognize their names and have been trained to respond to the trainer’s voice.


It’s a scene right out of an elementary class room, as the dogs walk out of the fenced in area to join their friends.


A “woof” bunch

It’s even more striking when you see the variety of dogs that the trainer had to deal with. Dog breeds are not made equal with some being easier to train than others. But here, the dogs act like equals, responding similarly to the trainer’s commands.


As the group thins out,you might expect some of the dogs to break ranks and rush out, but that never happens. Even when the trainer calls a few of the names in pairs, everyone remains patient and well-behaved.


And then there was one

One by one the pen is cleared out. Dogs of all breeds and types file out. Their fuzzy faces look happy and we can just feel the trainer’s pride at how well the dogs are doing.


The dogs show off their personalities here. With some skipping along to leave the pen and others taking their time. Some leave in pairs and others stand alone with pride and dignity.


When Daisy’s name is called, the dog leaves the enclosed area. There’s only one dog remaining and this one is a little different. The dog, named Echo, doesn’t seem to be paying attention to the training exercise and is focused entirely on the rest of the yard.


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The trainer turns to the camera and points with a smile on her face. You can imagine her thinking that there’s always one clown in every class and this dog is the clown in this video. The trainer and cameraman break into a laugh as they watch the silly dog not paying attention.

Echo echo echo

You couldn’t have picked a better name for this last dog, than Echo. The trainer calls their name, but Echo doesn’t respond. It simply sits where it is and watches the grass grow. The camera zooms in and we can barely see Echo’s tail wagging. Clearly this dog is far away.


The trainer calls Echo’s name again. The camera pans out and Echo finally hops to his paws and walks out the gate. As the trainer throws her arms up in Victory, the dog leaves the fenced in area to join its friends. Trainer and cameraman share a laugh as the video cuts.

Get all your dogs in a row

We can’t imagine how long the trainer had to work with these dogs to get them used to this routine. Not only did they have to deal with the dog’s personalities, but they had to curb the natural instincts to run out of open gates to play and explore.

Even if Echo was being a little silly, the dogs were all patient and well-behaved. Wouldn’t you love to have dogs this well-trained?


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