Family Hopes For A Christmas Miracle As Their Shy Dog Remains Missing For Months

John Merrifield and his family from Westbrook, Maine, have been desperately searching for their missing dog, Gracie, for the past 2 months.

Gracie, a tiny Beagle mix, is extremely shy and wary of strangers, which has made it even more difficult for the Merrifields to locate her.

Source: WGME13 | John Merrifield/Facebook

However, the family received a very promising call on Christmas Eve saying someone has spotted their dog! Gracie’s footprints were found in the snowy trail near the woods, which indicated that she wasn’t far.

The family has requested people to keep an eye out for their sweet dog and help her return home before Christmas. Spread the word!

Source: Maine Lost Dog Recovery/Facebook | John Merrifield/Facebook

Update: Rescuers at “Maine Lost Dog Recovery” have managed to find Gracie right on Christmas Day! The Merrifields had previously informed the rescuers about Gracie’s sightings, which prompted them to lay a trap in the woods and bait it with hot dog.

As expected, the starving Gracie easily found her way to the trap! The Merrifields, who are out of the city for the holidays, call Gracie their own Christmas miracle. They can’t wait to fly back and hug their little sweetheart.

Meanwhile, Gracie has enjoyed a fulfilling Christmas meal and is now looking forward to being back in her parents’ arms. What a blissful ending!

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