Great Dane Sees Owner Exercising, Mimics His Moves In Rip-Roaring Video

When one Maine woman first saw this four-week-old Great Dane’s blue eyes, she fell completely in love.

Now, fast forward a year and a half, and the whole family is enjoying every minute with their dog, Luca Baloo.


The family is very fit. The mom does a lot of CrossFit training, and her husband is training for a Spartan race. While he was training, he began doing some lunges in the house, and Luca hilariously decided to join in. Luckily for us, his mom got the whole thing on camera.

At first, Luca just watches, but after a few seconds, he starts doing some doggy lunges behind his human. He puts his two front legs on the ground, leans down, and puts his butt in the air – the perfect doggy lunge! He does this back and forth, following his human, as they begin to laugh.


His mom posted the video on Instagram with the caption: “Lunging with the #greatdane Is it exercise or playtime!?!” The video went viral and became so popular that shows like Good Morning America featured it on their show.

With all of Luca’s new fame, the family decided to make him his own Instagram account where we can follow along with his silly antics, as well as a YouTube channel!


Watch Luca’s lunges in the video below:

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