Golden Retriever Wins The Internet With His Doggy Cones Of Shame

Dogs sometimes need to wear a “cone of shame” around their neck after having surgery.

For one dog from the Toronto, Ontario, area, he wasn’t going to let a cone slow him down. In fact, his cone is capturing hearts and clicks across the internet.

Kaitlyn Cotter’s precious pooch, Gus, has become a bit of a social media superstar with his many cone costumes.

Source: blogTO

The dog was neutered recently, so to prevent him from licking or pawing at the area, the cone of shame was placed on his head.

Costumes fashioned by his mom, on the other hand, are stopping people in their tracks. From the McDonald’s fries cone to the Pixar cone and even a Martini cone, this dog is recovering postoperatively in style.

Source: blogTO

The pup’s photos were first seen on a popular Facebook group called The Dogspotting Society, where members share pets and random dog photos.

“So my girlfriend’s doggo Gus was neutered this week, and we now wait patiently for his outfit of the day,” wrote Megan Shaina after sharing several photos of Gus in his now famous cone apparel, or is that a-paw-rel?

Source: blogTO

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