Mom Sees Tiny Dachshunds Attempting “Synchronized Swimming” & Starts Recording

Halley Stephanie Reagan and Comet Jupiter Reagan are 2 mini Dachshunds living with their mom in Sydney, Australia.

The 2 doggie siblings are not just inseparable buddies, but they are also always up to new tricks to impress Mom!

Source: halleyandcomet/Instagram

In this video taken at Peasholm Dog Beach in Perth, we see Halley and Comet having the time of their lives at their favorite hangout spot.

The dogs love a cool dip in the ocean in the peak of summer, and the dog beach has always been their cherished destination for aqua adventures!

While it was difficult for Halley and Comet to learn swimming due to their short legs, they soon became excellent swimmers after some training.

On the day this video was taken, the doggie siblings decided to surprise Mom with a display of “synchronized swimming”!

Source: halleyandcomet/Rumble

The 2 Dachshunds look like seasoned gymnasts as they swim to each other from opposite directions and go for a tail twirl at the same time.

Watching Halley and Comet’s synchronized swimming just made my day! I can’t get enough of this adorable duo!!

Click the video below to watch Halley and Comet’s super cute synchronized swimming!

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