Someone Purposely Burns Dog From Head To Tail & Dumps Him

Animal Control Officers in North Charleston, South Carolina are accustomed to picking up stray dogs. However, the latest pooch to make their acquaintance was burned so deeply and so severely that officials need help from the general public.

Warning: Some may find the photos below to be disturbing.

Charleston Animal Society Associate Director of Veterinary Care Dr. Leigh Jamison says the dog, whom they named Harvey, was in tremendous pain and the burns are definitely suspicious.

Source: ABC News 4

Harvey has been given pain medication and they are starting to allow him to walk outside to go to the bathroom, which is a good sign.

“This is all going in the right direction, but every day, we’re guarding his prognosis. But today is a better day for Harvey,” stated Kay Hyman, director of community engagement at the shelter.

Source: ABC News 4

The burns are all over Harvey’s body and foul play or animal abuse cannot be ruled out as of this writing.

A $1,000 reward is being offered for any information leading to the arrest and felony conviction anyone responsible for Harvey’s condition.

We thank everyone for helping Harvey and hope that his abusers will be apprehended soon.

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