Hawk Grabs, Drags And Chokes Tiny Dog. Owner Intervenes But Bird Is Too Strong

It was a pleasant morning when Cecilia Celis decided to let her 2 Yorkies, Lulu and Heidi, play in the backyard of her Las Vegas home.

She failed to notice that a giant red-tailed hawk had been lurking in the vicinity for a while.

The moment the 2 dogs were let out, the hawk swooped into the yard and grabbed Lulu by his claw.

Source: FOX5 Las Vegas

The predator bird immediately began dragging and choking Lulu, while a terrified Heidi paced around the bird and barked at him to release her sister.

When Cecilia noticed the commotion, she ran out frantically and began yelling and shooing away the bird. But the hawk remained unfazed by her screams.

Source: Inside Edition/YouTube

In her desperation, Cecilia picked up a sofa cushion lying beside her. She gathered all her strength and began hitting the hawk with it.

The impact of the cushion didn’t hurt the hawk, but rattled him enough to let go of Lulu. That was indeed a close call for her!

Source: FOX5 Las Vegas

After her close brush with death, Lulu is in a state of shock. She has suffered a puncture wound on her neck but is otherwise okay.

Cecilia believes that the hawk is someone’s pet, as he still hovers around in the neighborhood.

Seeing no respite, she and her family have decided to be extra vigilant every time they let their Yorkies out in the yard.

Click the video below to watch Lulu’s terrifying encounter with the red-tailed hawk.

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