Sweet Dog Won’t Leave Tiny Kitten Out In The Rain, Brings Her Home

Monica Burks let her dog out for a bathroom break and started to wonder what was going on after she didn’t return for a while.

It was raining outside, and for whatever reason, Hazel the Yorkie insisted on staying out in it.

But when Mom took a look, that’s when she saw it…

There Hazel was coming down the driveway with a tiny kitten by her side!

The friendly dog felt it was her duty to help get the stranded cat out of the rain and to shelter and refused to come back inside without her.

Each time the kitty stopped, the three-year-old Yorkie turned around to wait and encouraged her! 🙂

When they finally made it to the doorstep, the small kitty couldn’t make it up the step to get inside the warm, dry house. So Hazel picked her up and brought her in!

Monica’s brother happens to love cats, so Michael named her Sheba and adopted her for good!

Aren’t dogs amazing?

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