Healthy Dog Treats for Your Sweet-toothed Canine

Most of us like to munch on sweets, especially when we’re in the mood for dessert. And as we give in to our sweet tooth, it’s not uncommon for our pups to give us that adorable puppy face, begging for some of that sweetness.

But as we all fur parents know, sweets, especially chocolates, are a big no-no for dogs. But your sweet-toothed canine doesn’t have to endure life without the sweetness as there are actually healthy dog treats that can satisfy those cravings.

Here are some sweet but healthy snacks for dogs that you can feed your fur pups.


Candy bars contain sweeteners like Xylitol, which can cause your doggo’s insulin to shoot up, resulting in some health complications. That being said, opt for natural food as an alternative to chocolates and sweets, just like sweet vegetables.

While this may not be your top of head option for a sweet treat, but vegetables actually carry natural sugars that are quite palatable for your pup’s taste buds. A few examples include:

  • Broccoli

Like its effect on the human body, the fiber-rich broccoli provides several health benefits to pups as well. Offer them small portions as treats. It can be raw, roasted, or even boiled, just make sure that it’s not seasoned with anything.

  • Cooked Squash

One of the rather easy options for a veggie treat, different types of squashes are available all year round and carry the natural sweetness that your dogs can enjoy. Zucchinis, butternut squash, yellow squash, and even pumpkins are all safe for dogs. Just make sure you remove the seeds and rind before feeding it to them.

  • Carrots

As a kitchen staple, you’ll most likely have some carrots at home. So why not cut up a few pieces and offer it as a sweet healthy dog treat for your pup? Rich in beta-carotene and other necessary vitamins, it satisfies not only your dog’s sweet cravings but also their need for nutrients.


Apart from vegetables, fruits are also great alternatives for natural sugars. However, some fruits like grapes and raisins should never be fed to dogs as they have toxic substances that may lead to kidney failure. When thinking of giving your dogs some fruity treats, you may consider these examples below:

  • Bananas

We already know that bananas are rich in potassium and other nutrients, and both dogs and us humans love eating them. So go ahead and give your pup some. Just make sure to give bananas to your dogs in moderation as they also contain high levels of sugar.

  • Apples

We humans know the health benefit of eating an apple a day, and while a whole fruit is too much for a dog, feeding them a few slices a day can give them a consistent source of fiber and vitamins. But as is the case of cooked squashes, be careful not to include the apple’s seeds at the core.

  • Watermelon

Who doesn’t love watermelons? It’s tasty, easy to eat, and definitely refreshing. And if we humans love it, so do our pups. Not only does it provide natural sweetness, but it also gives your dog some necessary hydration, especially on hot days. Keep in mind, however, to remove the seeds before feeding them to your pups.


Another easily accessible item in our list of healthy snacks for dogs is peanut butter. We’re all guilty of having licked a spoonful once in our lives, so share the fun with your doggos. Apart from being a naturally sweet treat, it also contains healthy fats and vitamins that improve your fur baby’s health.

Yogurt also offers some digestive benefits, in that they carry good bacteria and calcium. However, make sure that you choose your yogurt wisely as some have artificial sweeteners and added sugars. You wouldn’t want that getting into your doggo’s tummy.

With this list of sweet yet healthy dog treats, your pups no longer have to put on those puppy faces just to get a dose of sweetness. And the items on this list are just a few of them. There are also a lot of other natural sweets you can feed your sweet-toothed canine. Or you can make one for them. Check our dog sweet treats recipes.

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