Dad Builds Dog His Very Own Room Under The Stairs, And It’s Perfect

David Maceo and his wife just bought their very first home. Before that, they were staying at David’s mother’s house with limited space. He always felt bad that his playful pup, Hennessy, didn’t have much room to run around and vowed to make it up to him one day. Now with their own home, David was finally able to deliver on that promise.

He noticed a space under the steps that seemed perfect for a cozy room for his dog. So he stuck a tiny camera in there to make sure it would work. David broke a little hole in the wall and began the construction.

David worked on the space every Sunday, his only day off. He wanted it to match the rest of the house and look like it had always been there.

As he worked, he was able to picture the final result more clearly.

He wanted to make sure Hennessy would feel right at home, so he decided he would hang a few photos on the wall.

The pictures of their family included Hennessy’s brother who passed away a year ago.

David worried a little the entire time that his dog may not even like the space. But that worry was soon put to rest. 🙂

He placed the bed inside the finished room and tossed a treat in there, and Hennessy went in after it. The pup ate the treat and lied right down in his bed!

Hennessy loves it! The dog now spends most of his relaxing time in his personal space.

Hennessy is like a son to David, and dad’s incredibly happy he was able to provide something like this for his pup. Don’t you just love it? 🙂

h/t The Dodo

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