Hero Dog Won’t Stop Barking & Annoyed Dad Saw A Huge Beast Hissing At Their Door

Freckles the dog would not stop barking. The three-year-old Husky-Labrador mixed breed barked over and over in the wee hours of the morning. Freckles’ owner, George Woods, got up to investigate the commotion.

The source of their pup’s barking was a  7-1/2-foot alligator that stood hissing and thrashing in the paved area near the family’s front door.

Source: Local 10 News

“My first thought was, holy shi-nikies, what are we gonna do now?” Woods told a Coral Springs reporter.

He called their gated community’s security workers, who did not believe the man. Once they came down and saw the huge reptile, they called Gator Boys, an alligator rescue team.

Source: Coral Springs Talk

They named the gator Daisy and were able to relocate the big beast to another well-suited area.

Freckles is being hailed a hero, since his mom was up preparing to leave for work as an airline pilot.

Thanks to his warning, the family didn’t stumble onto the gator waiting in the dark. What a good boy!

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