Hero K9 tracks down 12-year-old missing in freezing weather — thank you

Hero K9 tracks down 12-year-old missing in freezing weather — thank you

K9 police dogs are an invaluable part of any police department. They can use their incredible senses to do things humans can’t, like tracking down missing people.

Recently, a 3-year-old K9 was the hero of the day after saving a missing child.

On January 31, the Auburn Police Department, in Massachusetts, received a call about a missing 12-year-old. The child had left home at about 8:30 PM and their whereabouts were unknown, according to a post from the department.

With the child nowhere in sight and the weather dipping to freezing temperatures, there was no time to lose — so the department called in one of their most special officers to take on the case: a K9 named Biza.

Biza, a German shepherd/Belgian malinois mix, arrived on the scene with her partner and handler Officer David Ljunggren. Biza tracked the child’s scent for two miles, and officers converged on the area, where the child was found shortly after.

“The child was reunited with their family and is safe,” the department wrote.

Given the expanse of the search area, it would’ve likely taken the officers much longer to locate the child without Biza’s help. And given the harsh, freezing winter conditions, things could’ve been bad if the child wasn’t found in time.

An Instagram post shows that Biza is trained in snow tracking.

Biza has been an Auburn Police Department’s K9 since August 2022, when she was brought over from Germany and underwent training with the Massachusetts State Police.

Early last year, Biza and Officer Ljunggren completed their North American Police Work Dog Association certification, making Biza a nationally certified patrol and narcotics K9.

In addition to locating missing persons, Biza is also adept at tracking down bad guys: in previous posts, the department wrote that the K9 helped track down a man involved in a domestic violence incident and a man who had been in a violent bar fight at a Chili’s, leading to their arrests.

A celebrity within the department, K9 Biza has also appeared on shirtshoodies and a calendar.

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