Hikers come across rare sight of owl swimming in a canyon

Although they enjoy bathing their outermost feathers occasionally, owls would never take a bath in the water of their own free will because their feathers are less water resistant than those of most other birds, which means they become heavy and it makes it difficult for these birds to swim. So, if you ever hear of, or see a swimming owl, you’ll probably guess they were somehow forced into the water.

An unusual sight of a majestic white owl swimming in Lake Powel in Arizona was spotted by a group of hikers. They were so overwhelmed that they caught the bird on camera and shared the video that has quickly gone viral.

The National Geographic assumes the horned owl ended up in the water as a result of a fall from its nest. It’s not uncommon for these birds to roost on the cliff ledge, so that might be the reason for the unwanted fall.

When they are in the water, owls can be pretty vulnerable because it’s impossible for them to take a fight directly from the water with their feathers still wet, so the only thing they could do is swim to dry lend, dry the feathers and then take off again.

The hikers couldn’t take their eyes off of the beautiful owl, and when they got back to the place a couple of hours later, the owl wasn’t there any longer, so they assumed it already flown away.

If you haven’t seen an owl swimming before, take a look at the amazing video below.

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