Cop Guns Down Service Dog Who Was On Her Potty Break, Admits She Didn’t Bite Him

The New Orleans Police Department is facing the wrath of many residents after one of their officers fatally gunned down an innocent service dog, Hilo.

Initially, it was believed that Hilo had aggressively bitten the cop. However, the department has admitted that the dog never bit the officer.

Source: Bovadulinv/Pixabay | WDSU News/YouTube

Dad Clayton Crawford has been a crying, wailing mess after this entire incident. Hilo, a Doberman, was his support dog for bipolar disorder.

On the day of this incident, Clayton had let Hilo out for her potty break in the yard. But Hilo escaped the yard and stepped on the street, which prompted the officer to shoot her 4 times.

Clayton understands that Hilo was not leashed, but he believes that his non-aggressive dog was not a threat to anyone.

The heartbroken dad argues that the officer could have easily tasered Hilo if he felt the need to overpower her. He feels that outright killing the gentle dog was completely unnecessary and unfair.

Source: Piqsels | Morguefile

Meanwhile, the department has assured that their “Public Integrity Bureau Force Investigation Team” is actively working on this case.

As of now, the concerned officer has defended himself by saying that the use of force on Hilo was “unavoidable”. Further details will only come out once the investigation is over.

Let’s demand a thorough investigation that reveals the truth behind this unnecessary killing of this service dog!

Click the video below to watch a report on Hilo’s unfortunate killing.

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