Mom Puts Crying Baby On The Floor, Then Sees Horse Reaching For Her

Horses are creatures of great intelligence and compassion. They not only have excellent learning skills and reflexes, but are also gifted with very perceptive senses that help them respond to the needs of their surroundings.

Source: RealLittleThing/YouTube

In this extremely sweet video, we get a taste of this unique equine intelligence. This video was captured by a toddler’s mother when she noticed the horse stand guard by her baby’s car seat.

Mom sees that as soon as the baby starts crying, the horse wants to reach out and help.

The horse reaches down to the baby’s carrier and rocks it gently whenever the baby gets fussy. The baby is not only soothed by this sweet gesture, but also looks back at the magnificent horse in pure wonder and love!

Source: RealLittleThing/YouTube

This is why horses are some of the most effective therapy animals for people struggling with anxiety. This lucky baby is going to be so happy to have such a gentle protector around her while growing up! You’ll adore this video for days!

Click the video below to watch the heart-melting bond between the rocking horse and the toddler!

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