Horses look after baby fawn while her mother is away

Horses look after baby fawn while her mother is away

It’s always heartwarming to see different kinds of animals looking after each other. Sometimes an animal’s protective instincts kick in even towards a totally different species.

That was the case recently, when a group of horses were seen babysitting a young fawn as she waited for her mother.

The adorable scene was caught by Kally May, on a ranch outside Steamboat Springs in Routte County, Colorado, according to Steamboat Radio.

She noticed the fawn was on its own with no mother in sight, and it appeared that three horses, part of the ranch, were looking after her. The priceless photos show the horses nuzzling the tiny animal, keeping it safe.

Kally said the horses were “being protective from predators.”

While the fawn might seem orphaned, Kally was told by the local wildlife division to “let it be” and not interfere with the fawn.

It is actually normal behavior for mother deer to leave their fawns alone while they look for food to avoid attracting predators, and return to their young later in the day.

It’s often a problem when well-intentioned people try to save a seemingly-orphaned fawn, making it even more difficult for them to reunite with their mom.

So Kally did the right thing, leaving things alone, and sure enough the mother deer came back to pick up her young, Kally reported the next day.

It’s a happy ending, all thanks to three very responsible horses who looked after her for the afternoon.

What adorable photos! So nice to see these horses looking after this baby deer. Share this heartwarming story if you love animals!

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