House Cat Single-Handedly Defends Himself Against A Pack Of 3 Hungry Coyotes

A Los Angeles couple has shared terrifying home surveillance footage of their house cat, Max, being attacked by a pack of 3 coyotes in the dead of the night.

While Max bravely managed to fend off the coyotes with his bravado, the couple admits that the situation could have easily turned tragic.

Source: Inside Edition/YouTube

In this tense video, we see Max completely surrounded by a growling pack of coyotes. They are clearly starving as they have their eyes locked on the tiny cat.

But Max is not one to give in easily. The gritty cat shows no fear and boldly charges at the ferocious pack. Max snarls and pounces like an unperturbed warrior, leaving the coyotes rattled.

After the cat’s persistent defensive attack, the scared coyotes are forced to retreat. Max’s parents are proud of their heroic little feline, but they are now struggling with the decision to keep Max indoors.

Max is an extremely independent cat. He loves his freedom and becomes miserable when he’s locked inside.

Source: Inside Edition/YouTube

However, the owners know that keeping Max outside is not safe for the time being, especially when the area is filled with hungry coyotes hunting for food.

Authorities have alerted people to be wary and keep their pets indoors at night. Spread the word!

Click the video below to watch how Max fearlessly defended himself against the hungry coyotes!

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