Orphaned Baby Possum Doesn’t Know Where To Go, So She Clings On To A Dog’s Back

It’s a rare pleasure to witness a special friendship between 2 different species in the animal kingdom. This heartwarming story is a beautiful example of one such precious friendship.

Source: Sally Watkinson/Facebook

Melbourne woman Sally Watkinson was walking her 2 Puli dogs, Hugo and Kato, when she noticed something bizarre on Kato’s back. Sally was surprised to find that a lonely female baby possum had hitched a ride on the dog’s furry coat!

Both Hugo and Kato seemed completely nonchalant about the baby possum’s presence. They gladly let her tag along with them, knowing that she was scared and helpless.

Sally took the dogs to a wildlife rescue center, where the possum baby was removed and transferred to a care facility.

Source: Sally Watkinson/Facebook

However, this wasn’t the end of Kato’s faithful service toward baby possums. A few days later, Sally found Kato carrying another baby possum on his back!

This possum was a boy, and seemed extremely skittish. With Sally’s help, Kato once again walked the baby possum to the rescue center!

Source: Sally Watkinson/Facebook

The wildlife workers believe that the 2 possums are orphaned siblings. The little ones are now under the care of a wildlife rehabilitator. They will be released into their proper habitat once they are old enough.

Source: Sally Watkinson/Facebook

It’s really extraordinary that the orphaned possums trusted Kato and reached out to him for help. His unlikely rescue mission has touched the hearts of millions of animal lovers worldwide!

Click the video below to watch how Kato happily volunteered to help the orphaned possum babies!

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