Hunters Rescue Distressed Deer Trapped in Rope Swing

Hunters Rescue Distressed Deer Trapped in Rope Swing

A group of three hunters in Freson, Ohio encountered a whitetail buck that had its antlers stuck in a swing.

“There was a rope swing for the creek…and somehow it managed to get its head wrapped up in the rope,” Joshua Baldridge told Inside Edition.

The men decided to free the buck and sprang into action. One of the men used his phone to record a video of the incident, while the other two attempted to rescue the deer.

The footage shows the buck running back and forth launching itself into the air as it struggles to get free. 

Eventually, the deer seems to tire.

That’s when Baldridge, a former competitive wrestler, grabs the buck next to the tree with a wrestling move known as a “tight waist,” which essentially seems to be just grabbing the deer by its waist.

Whatever you call it, it seems to work. He manages to hold the buck steady for a moment.

“He was kicking me, and I think he was trying to bite me,” said Baldridge. “I felt really helpless.”

The footage shows Baldridge’s buddy cutting the rope before the buck darts off into the woods, apparently still in good health despite the ordeal.

The incident happened last February, but the video is only recently going viral. Regardless, it’s far from the first time hunters have freed antlered bucks from precarious entrapments.

Here are a couple of other similar incidents. 

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