When man saves discarded puppy, he couldn’t anticipate what the dog would achieve

Our dogs, although are conventionally silent, say so much. With their expressions, whimpers, barks, wagging tails and wet kisses, our dogs tell us exactly how they feel but what if they really could talk? What would they say?

It is all about our journey together. When we first meet until the very end, there is so much to celebrate in between. Learning how to be together, dog and human. Learning how to play, how to co-exist and go through life successfully. They would say a lot about that!

And as life continues…

Will there be that moment when your dog is there and you meet the love of your life? Will he then expand his heart when you expand yours?

Then, with the next step, will your dog be by your side when your family grows and your heart grows even more? Will your dog’s heart grow too?

Is your dog by your side to watch your child grow up to then become attached to her? Will he go from being just your puppy to being a protector of the most precious being in your family?

The relationship between a human and his dog is always evolving. Each day becomes a memory that is forever etched in your heart. And in his heart too!

Science tells us that a dog’s life, although too short in our opinion, is well-lived. Science tells us that a dog’s life is full and that when it nears the end, they are ready to go where we are nowhere prepared (and truthfully never will be).

If your dog could talk, he would likely say:

Thank you for being my human.

Thank you for all you’ve given me, and although some things you considered small were BIG to me.

Thank you for throwing my ball.

Thank you for petting my head and scratching behind my ears and rubbing my tummy.

Thank you for holding me.

Thank you for walking me that extra step when you were tired.

Thank you for being my family.

Thank you for giving me a family to love.

Thank you for NEVER turning your back on me even when I got old and things got hard.

Thank you for being there to say goodbye.

I love you and always will.

Our dogs are so much more to us than we think they will ever understand but the same goes for them. That happiness they show us each time we walk through that door is proof that their love is immeasurable. It is something that lasts beyond lifetimes. It is what we will cherish for eternity.

If our dogs could talk they would say, “I love you” over and over again, because for them it is simple and pure. But remember, they know what we say and do even if we aren’t sure if they can. They do understand and leave this planet wrapped in the comfort that they lived their best life, at our side.

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