Family Promises To Adopt Disabled Dog, But Don’t Show Up On Adoption Day

For an American Bully puppy named Jack, living with Spina Bifida was always frightening. This spinal cord birth defect weakened and deformed his limbs permanently, causing him mobility issues.

Despite his shortcomings, Jack turned out to be a total champion once he was rescued by “Peaches Bully Rescue”.

Source: Peaches Bully Rescue/Facebook

With his happy-go-lucky personality and affinity for cuddles, Jack instantly caught the attention of many adopters. But while Jack could walk on his own, many shied away because he was incontinent and had to be on diapers at all times.

After several rejections, Jack was thrilled when a family showed interest in him finally – not knowing he was in for a major heartbreak.

On the day of the meet and greet, Jack excitedly got dressed up in his cutest clothes as he waited for his future family.

But hours went by and no one ever showed up. Jack realized he had been ghosted, and the hopeful smile on his face disappeared entirely.

Source: Peaches Bully Rescue/Facebook

The disappointment and confusion ushered by being stood up was too much to bear for Jack’s lonely heart. He began acknowledging that he was a faulty pup no one wanted, and that just crushed his spirits.

Upon realizing Jack’s fragile mental state, the shelter shared his story on social media to get him more visibility.

Jack’s luck saw an upturn when people noticed his heartbroken face. They began sending him treats, toys and diapers to cheer him up, until he was sitting on a massive pile of gifts!

The shelter was pleasantly surprised to have over 600 adoption applications for the sad boy within days!

Source: Peaches Bully Rescue/Facebook

Thanks to this overload of attention, Jack is now happily settled in his dream forever home! He spends his time snuggling and wiggling his butt around his doting human sister.

He is living the life he deserves because of all the people who never turned his back on him, especially when he was sinking in insecurity.

Keep smiling, Jack!

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