Tiny Dog Runs Up To Cop And Starts Barking Loudly, Begs The Cop To Follow Him

Officer Christopher Bisceglia from Orange, Massachusetts, was carrying out his regular duties when a Scottish Terrier came running to him and began barking vigorously.

The little dog was deeply distressed over something as he tugged at the officer’s uniform and kept pointing him toward a certain direction.

Source: CBS Boston/YouTube

The officer sensed that something horribly wrong had happened, so he began following the dog.

After crossing a large empty field, the dog stopped at an icy, swampy embankment and cried as he directed the cop’s attention to the slope.

The officer was shocked to see another Scottish terrier trapped and buried in the snow.

Source: CBS Boston/YouTube

The officer immediately called the firefighters to rescue the stranded dog.

Later, it was discovered that the 2 dogs were siblings named Jacques and Annabelle, who had panicked and escaped their home when their elderly owner was taken to the hospital for an emergency.

However, Annabelle had slipped into the embankment shortly after, which caused Jacques to panic.

Source: CBS Boston/YouTube

Annabelle has suffered a few cuts, but she is doing fine. The 2 dogs will be under animal control’s care till their owner is released from the hospital.

The animal control officer believes that Annabelle wouldn’t have survived the cold night if it wasn’t for her doting doggie brother’s timely gesture to find help.

Jacques, you are our hero of the day!

Click the video below to watch how Jacques saved Annabelle’s life in the time of crisis!

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