Man Shows Genius Way To Sneak His Dog Into Bar In Witty Bud Light Commercial

A man was walking his dog when he came across a pub and wanted to go inside to have a drink, but a sign out front read “No Pets!”

But he didn’t let that stop him from enjoying a cold one.

Source: YouTube

His pup, a Puli, is a Hungarian dog known for its long, corded coat. Its tight curls appear similar to dreadlocks, and this man used that to his advantage.

The man thought of a genius way to enter the bar with his dog without anyone knowing. He placed his dog on his head so that it appeared like he had an afro full of dreads.

Source: YouTube

People stared at him as he walked in, but it seems like he was getting away with it as he sat down at the bar and ordered a Bud Light.

The girl sitting next to him went to feel his dreads, but the dog growled, blowing up the man’s spot and leaving the woman confused.

Source: YouTube

This hilarious video aired in 2003 as a commercial for Bud Light. All these years later, we still can’t help but laugh when we watch it!

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