Dog Almost Dies After Eating Drugs In Park, Loses Control & Shakes Uncontrollably

A Riverside woman named Julie Grant had a major scare when Jay, her 2-year-old Husky, started acting strange in the middle of the night.

He helplessly paced around the house, started shaking uncontrollably and had no control over his bowel or bladder.


Source: Julie A Grant/Facebook


By morning, Jay was completely unresponsive. He was rushed to the ER in Seekonk, where a quick examination revealed that he was heavily under the influence of potent drugs.

At this, Julie recalled that Jay was nibbling on some strange “sticks” on their walk in Sabin Point Park the previous night.

The doctors say that Jay would be fine once the effect of the drug wears off. However, they claim that he wouldn’t have made it through if he was a smaller dog.

Jay was high and unsteady for quite some time before the drug completely left his system.


Source: WPRI/YouTube


Julie now warns other pet-parents to keep a vigil eye on dogs and children while visiting parks to prevent them from ingesting anything harmful they find on the ground.

Even park authorities have asked visitors to be careful, as the parks grounds are only cleaned once a week.

Spread the word and help other pet parents stay aware of this drug epidemic.

Check out the video to watch Julie’s account on Jay’s death-scare and a recent update on his health!

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