Jealous Dog Hilariously Reacts To His Favorite Human Hugging Another Dog

Have you ever experienced some sort of jealousy in your pooches?

Anyone who lives in a multi-pet home (or even single pet home with human kid(s) around) has probably experienced some sort of canine jealousy, whether it's as minor as a forlorn look when there's treat inequity or as major as a scuffle during snuggle time.

Although we don't exactly know the degree of our pooches' emotional complexity, there's little doubt that our dogs experience jealousy.

Here's Courtney Budzyn who'd just experienced exactly that. She had her Golden Retriever, Tucker's friend Riley over for the week.

Tucker just couldn't handle it whenever she showed Riley any attention! Check out the video below to watch Tucker's adorable, priceless, hilarious reaction when Courtney gives Riley a hug!

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