Bloodhound K9 Treks Through Cacti & 90-Degree Heat To Sniff Out Missing Girl

K9 Jessie is a Bloodhound with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office in Colorado is now being hailed a hero after he helped find a missing child.

Jessie and his handler, Deputy K. Fosler, who have been working together for 6-and-a-half years, were in Wyoming on another call when they received the call regarding a 12-year-old child who had been missing since the night before.

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook

They got a scent from her bedroom and went to the area where she was last seen on video. Jessie immediately began searching for the little girl, running through the cactus dense area, despite it being 90 degrees outside.

The pricks from the cactus were even getting stuck in Jessie’s nose, feet and lips, but Fosler pulled them out as they were running.


After searching for quite some time, Jessie pulley’s Fosler behind one particular home. Fosler assumed it was because there was a dog and some kids outside, but she was mistaken.

Jessie led Fosler to a nearby bush, which the girl was hiding behind. Thankfully, she was okay, and was relieved that someone had finally found her.


“She was hungry, dehydrated and sunburned after 20 hours out in the elements, but she was otherwise uninjured,” the sheriff’s office wrote on Facebook. “We’re thankful this young girl is going to be OK, and we’re thankful Deputy Fosler and K9 Jessie were in Wyoming and able to respond to help another agency and this family.”

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook

Jessie is a hero and is now getting some much deserved rest!

Learn more of the story by watching the video below:

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