Chubby Baby Panda Tries Escaping His Crib During Naptime, Comically Gets Stuck

Over the past few years, panda nurseries have been actively protecting and nurturing the vulnerable population of this unique species.

The nursery workers are assigned with the important job of monitoring the baby pandas. But in reality, they are practically just nannies trying to keep a mischievous bunch of kids in check!

Source: pandapia HD/YouTube

In this video, we see a cheeky baby panda named Ji Xiao plotting his “escape” from the crib during naptime. Ji Xiao sees his 2 siblings sleeping and notices that there’s no caretaker in sight.

Like a true opportunist, he starts climbing out of the crib. However, his chubby body lets him down and he comically gets stranded mid-railing!

What we see next is the most embarrassing few moments in panda-history! With two limbs on either side of the railing, Ji Xiao tries his best to get his wobbly body out.

That’s when the caretaker walks in and catches him red-handed! Like a true nanny, the caretaker has her here-we-go-again face on as she stands back and witnesses the panda’s painful struggle!

Source: pandapia HD/YouTube

When Ji Xiao finally realizes that he’s been busted, he’s totally mortified. He tumbles back into the crib and scurries around in an attempt to hide his embarrassing defeat.

We’re sure Ji Xiao will get to venture out to his heart’s content when he’s old enough. This video is a true treasure!

Click the video below to watch the chubby baby panda’s hilariously poor skills as an escape artist!

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