Owners Dump Puppy With Heart Defect Because They Couldn’t Afford Her Treatment

It had been raining heavily in Carthage, Missouri, when a passerby first spotted Josie the Papillon mix puppy.

The soaking wet puppy was dumped in a parking a few days earlier, and was frightened from having to dodge vehicles all the time.

She was freezing to death, so the passerby somehow grabbed her and rushed her to the Carthage Humane Society.

Source: Carthage Humane Society/Facebook

While Josie’s story was similar to that of many other abandoned dogs, her troubles weren’t over yet. Before her routine spay surgery, the vet realized she had severe heart murmurs.

The surgery had to be called off because it was risky to put her under anesthesia. After multiple examinations, the 4-lb pup received the crushing diagnosis of an enlarged heart that was a ticking bomb.

Josie’s critical heart murmurs weakened both sides of her heart, which could be felt every time she was held.

This congenital heart defect is prevalent in small-breed female dogs, but Josie’s condition was so painful that she would suffer a breathless coughing fit every time she was happy or excited (because her heart never got enough oxygen).

Source: Carthage Humane Society/Facebook

With a current life expectancy of 8-10 months, Josie wouldn’t make it till the end of this year. However, a super expensive open-heart surgery costing about $6,000 will fix her heart and extend her life by 10 years.

Her caretakers are now speculating that Josie was possibly discarded like trash because her family couldn’t afford her treatment.

Source: Carthage Humane Society/Facebook

Josie might have a faulty heart but she has the sweetest cuddly manners. The shelter wants to give her a second chance but their funds have run dry over the pandemic lockdowns.

If you wish to donate toward Josie’s surgery, you can contact Carthage Humane Society through their Facebook page. Let’s spread the word and help save this precious darling.

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