Rescue Dog Is Scared To Jump In Truck Until Dad Gives Demonstration

Weston Mackey adopted a dog he named Dudeson a few weeks ago from Paw Works in California. The two are already inseparable, and the dog was always very calm and relaxed and friendly except for when it came to one thing — his owner’s truck.

Weston Mackey/Instagram

The dog would always get scared and nervous around the truck and lock up. But in order to go on their adventures together, Weston would have to figure out how to get Dudeson comfortable around the vehicle.

That’s when Weston remembered that he had to show his good boy how to go down the steps on all fours, so he decided to demonstrate jumping in the truck too.

Weston Mackey/Instagram

The video uploaded to Instagram shows Weston crouching down by the open truck door and then jumping inside with the dog closely watching nearby. After showing him the way just a few times, it works!

“Turns out he’s more of a visual learner,” says Dad who couldn’t be happier with the results! 🙂

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